What is mySQUADRON?

mySQUADRON is an online resource designed for Squadrons in the Air Cadets. This website provides a way of making information available to cadets, as well as allowing communication in a secure and user friendly way. You can view the training program, notify absences, view upcoming events, and more. This website is an all-in-one solution to allowing cadets to access information they need from home, as well as providing management tools for Tuck, Stores, Flights and Points competitions.

What does mySQUADRON offer?

Below is a list of some of the current features on offer. If you can think of something else you require then let us know and we will see if it is possible to add it.

  • View the training program
  • Request and manage absence requests
  • Events calendar with ability to print details and select attendance
  • Stores management system for issuing uniform
  • Messaging system and notice board
  • Interactive points system for best cadet/flight
  • Tuck sales and stock management system
  • View issued letters
  • Download forms and ACPs
  • Anonymous suggestion box
  • Manage flights
  • Print registers

Is mySQUADRON secure?

The website is accessed over a secure (SSL) connection. Users must be registered by the Squadron staff before they are able to login. Once logged in there are detailed access options to allow flexible control over what content and abilities users have access to. No interactive sections of the website can be viewed by other Squadrons, with the exception of Buzz where it is possible to have a discussion viewable by all Squadrons which is clearly marked.

Where does mySQUADRON come from

mySQUADRON was first started as a small private section of 2515 (Ringwood & Fordingbridge) Squadron's website in 2009. Since then it has grown in features and in 2010 another Squadron requested access to it. This section then split off from being part of 2515 Squadron's website and mySQUADRON was born. Since then it has continued to grow, both in features and the number of Squadrons using it. As more Squadrons join and continue to provide new ideas, mySQUADRON will continue to grow to become an even more valuable resource.